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The two princesses/characters of your choice will arrive in full costume and makeup, and will be in character from the moment they step through the front door until the moment they step back out. 

The Two Character Package is on a 60 minute schedule, is ideal for up to 20 guests to participate in, and perfect for party hosts who want to sit back and enjoy everything without any stress!  The recommended birthday child age is 4-9, and recommended guest age is 2-teen! The following is included: (with the white arrows pointing to differences from the Gold Package!)

Grand Entrance -The princesses will knock on your door after receiving a text from you that the kids are nearby and ready. The birthday child will answer the door! This works best if it is a surprise, of course!  The princesses will then greet and hug all of the guests. We recommend having our Frozen sisters attend together!!

Interactive Storytelling- The princesses will lead the children into a comfortable space to read their stories in. During the story, they will encourage questions from the kids, as well as test them on their knowledge of their story!


Singing Performance- We will move into an open area, and the princesses will use their speaker to play a karaoke track to sing their songs that they are most known for. Children are encouraged to sing and dance along!

  Activity - You will have your choice of activity for up to 20 guests. For parties with more than 20 guests, activity may be simplified to fit within the timed schedule, or a group game will be recommended instead! Click here to view the activity choices! 

Photo time- Have your cameras ready, parents! We will take a big group photo with all of the guests and the princess together, and then the princesses will take photos with each guest individually. 

Signing autographs- The princesses will bring color-themed autograph cards and sign one for each of the guests to take home with them. 

Happy Birthday song - The princesses will gather everyone together and lead in singing the Birthday Song. When we are done singing, the princesses will say goodbye with a big group hug, and then step out as the cake is being cut!

Two Character Package

Extra song!

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