Real Swimming Mermaid

What better way to spice up a pool party than with a real mermaid to swim and play with! The beautiful mermaid will completely take the party off of your hands and put it into her flippers!   

- 60-70 minutes

- Surprise entrance (children will come outside to see a mermaid in the pool!)

- Introductions, question and answer time 

- Posed photo opportunity 

- Mermaid training (A swimming lesson on how to swim like a mermaid!)

- A swimming game directed by mermaid

- Fun facts about the ocean

-Underwater playing  

-Singing happy birthday



SplashingMermaid Princess

 The redheaded mermaid princess loves to show off her beautiful tail and splash around!

-60 minutes

-Surprise entrance (children will come outside to see Ariel sitting on the edge of the pool!)

-Story time/triva about the movie while children sit around on towels

-Sing Part of Your World/character performance

-Temporary tattoos for each guest put on by Ariel

-Lots of splashing and fun! (Keep in mind Ariel doesn't go underwater during this party.)

-Photo time 

-Singing happy birthday before cake

-Goodbye hug