The Ice Queen

Available in "Ice Blue", "Springtime Green" or "Coronation" dress


Great for facepainting parties-Rapunzel loves to paint!

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora loves to attend tea parties and teach princess manners!

Princess Anna of Norway

Available in a double-princess package with her sister, the Ice Queen, or by herself!

Yodeling Cowgirl

Do-si-do with this rowdy, fun-loving toy!

Snow White

Snow White loves to sing and dance!

Alice from Wonderland

Alice loves tea parties! Espcially the mad ones.

Dragon Daughter

A decendant of the wicked Malificent, this teen narrowly escaped a villianous lifestyle!

Sally Doll

For something different, don't forget to invite this sweet and spooky character!

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Mermaid Princess

Available in "Walking Mermaid", "Teal Ballgown", "Kiss the Girl Dress", and "Swimming Mermaid"

Belle of the Ball

Belle loves to read and tell stories at parties!


Available in both "Classic" and "New 2015"

Galactic Warrior

Rey loves to share about her adventures in space!

Brave Princess

This feisty Scottish princess is full of energy and loves to show kids how to shoot her bow and arrow!

Tinker Fairy

Faith, Trust, and don't forget the Pixie Dust!

Arabian Princess

This sassy princess loves to tell stories about her home in Agrabah!

Poke Trainer

Misty would love to help you learn all about mystical creatures!

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Don't see your preferred character? I would love to add them to my list! Please contact me ASAP and I will begin working on creating your new character!